Hypericon | Nashville, Tennessee

A weekend popular arts conference; festively uniting creators, makers, and performers with those who appreciate and aspire to their craft.

Infinity Membership

Because ‘Lifetime’ Is Just Not Enough…



One Fee. Infinite Hypericons.

Introductory pricing for a limited time!

Get a fully-transferrable, permanent, feature-loaded badge for one great price.

We decided a lifetime membership level should be made available to Nashville’s Convention. We asked ourselves: “What if…” What if you could keep your membership forever, passed along to anyone you like? What if they could pass it back, or to someone else? Many conventions offer a lifetime badge. We wanted to go beyond that – to infinity.

You’re not just supporting Hypericon with your Infinity Membership, either! We are donating a portion of every Infinity Membership fee to Make Nashville, who will produce our Infinity Badges. Their vital mission in our community, “help more people make, and to help makers make more,” means so much to the crafty, inventive, creative people who frequent our own events.



Infinite Tranfers

You can transfer your Infinity Membership for just $100 to anyone you select. They can then do the same, and so on.

A Laser-Etched Badge

Your permanent badge is a metal, laser-etched work of art. Should you need a replacement, pay a small $50 production fee.

Become A VIP

Access to all Hypericon events, exclusive Infinity events, early access to the dealer room, reserved seats, discounts and more.

Support Our Community

$50 of each membership sale benefits Make Nashville - helping more people make and makers make more.


  • Permanent laser-etched metal badge and leather lanyard in a premium gift box
  • Personalized certificate of membership
  • Admission to all Hypericon events (outside fees or hard costs not included)
  • Advance or reserved seating (for membership holder only)
  • Annual discount to register a friend for Hypericon
  • Early access to the dealer room
  • Fully transferable after the first two years, for a $100 fee
  • Peace-of-mind affordable $50 replacement fee if your badge is lost
  • Exclusive Infinity events inside and outside the con
  • 15% discount on convention merch
  • Never wait in registration line after obtaining badge – just show up with your permanent badge
  • Advance notice on major announcements and promotions

They got Infinity FREE, by investing in us!

We’re formed an elite team of benefactors, the Infinity League – Hypericon supporters who contributed a temporary funding boost, paid back one year later. Each member the League received a complimentary Infinity Membership. A temporary gift of $1000 or more earned them the benefits of the Infinity Membership, plus these premiums:

  • An exclusive gift with your Infinity Membership kit, in your chosen theme color
  • Your name added to our plaque, displayed annually, and here on Hypericon.net
  • Special League credit in the program guide

Infinity League Members

These are the noble Hypericon supporters among us, who’ve chosen to take Inifinty… beyond! There are only four left! Reserve yours today, and we will contact you to follow up!


January 14th 2017

First in the League


April 17th 2017

Mary Poppins Y’all


January 14th 2017

Building the League


May 31st 2017

Keeping the League Weird


April 12th 2017

Guardian of the League


June 9, 2017

Completing The League

Becca & Jon Cook

The Gauntlet

June 7, 2017

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